A Gourmet Dog Bakery

Aug 23 , 2021

A Gourmet Dog Bakery

Pet Kitchen is a nutritional dog treat company. We have a variety of nutritious dog treating options. All our treats and other nutritional products are baked fresh for every single order we receive. We do not stock and sell our products. As we put it simply: You Book, We Cook! All of our treating products are designed by our founder and pet nutritionist, Geet Rao. Our pet treats are wholesome, completely natural and human grade.

We do not have a brick and mortar presence. Yet, our products are sent across the country, from Jammu and Kashmir to Maharashtra; except for three of our products, that is our dog cakes (and pupcakes), doggie ice cream and the coconut macaroons! Our Doggie cakes and doggie ice creams are available for Chandigarh and Tricity doggos only. Our local clients (from Chandigarh and around) often pick up their dog cake and dog ice cream orders, while sometimes may ask us for a delivery! How we wish dog cakes were not so perishable and we could send them across the nation.

Why Pet Kitchen?

Pet Kitchen is one of the oldest pet bakeries of India which is also run by a certified pet nutritionist. Therefore, all of our dog treats are dog friendly and perfectly safe for dogs. All our ingredients are human grade and all our dog treats are made in a very hygienic and a clean kitchen.

Treats are an essential part of pampering our pets. We feed a treat or two to our dogs/ cats everyday. Therefore, what kind of treats we feed our dogs has a long lasting impact on his/ her health. It is imperative that we choose the best quality and we trust someone reputable for our babies that our pets are!

Pet Kitchen is a small business with all of our operations being carried out from a small home-office. By buying treats and other products from Pet Kitchen, not only do you choose quality and reliable treats for your dog/ cat, you also support women entrepreneurship, make in India and a small business!