Hello pet parents and pet lovers!

Having pets is a way of life. In many cultures, including our own, love often translates into food. And so is for our pets.

Pet parents often wonder about what is the right food for my dog or cat. I found myself at the same roadblock few years ago when I was a mom to my very dear Drago, a rottweiler. Drago had several health problems, including arthritis, constant itching and gastric problems. No amount of medication or veterinary visits were helping. Finally, I took the course into my hands and started my research. I learnt through hit and trial on Drago and finally helped him with all his troubles through simple dietary modifications and easy at home exercise schedule.

My success with Drago and my love for dogs gave me a boost to quit my former profession of Chartered Accountancy and follow pet nutrition as my new found love. Nutrition is the foundation of good health. Therefore, through Pet Kitchen, I bring to you knowledge on pet nutrition as well as extremely nutritious products for your pets.

This is the story of the beginning of Pet Kitchen, where miracles are baked for your pet! And I’m sure this story will touch many paws!

Love and hugs to your furry one!

Geet Rao

Clinical Pet Nutritionist

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Why Pet Kitchen

Pet Kitchen is a viable and reliable source that helps and guides you to take care of your pet in an every way possible. Pet Kitchen provides you with the best natural and healthy treats for your Fur babies that leads to a healthier life of pets and happier lives of pet parents.

Healthy Treats

Pet Kitchen makes fresh, healthy and customised treats according to your dogs requirements.

All the ingerdients used in our treats are proven beneficial in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese Medicines.

Online Consultations

We provide online consultations for pet parents to make it easy for them to handle their pooch better. General consultations on diet plans and problems faced by our furry ones are available.

Treating Options

While there are many healthy, natural and good ingredient treating options available for our pets, but do those ingredients really benefit the particular issue faced by your pet?

At Pet Kitchen, our Pet Nutritionist, Geet Rao, personally looks at your dog/ cat's profile and health details and curates customised treating options for your pet using ingredients that are best required by your pet.