What does the diet plan consultation include?
Diet plan consultation with Pet Kitchen involves a tele-consultation of 45 minutes, followed by creating and sharing a comprehensive diet summary for your pet.
The diet summary outlines:
  • your pet’s specific nutritional needs.
  • diet program including sample recipes.
  • Supplement guidelines.
We also help you understand how to make transition your pet to the new diet.
Will I be able to understand how to make my pet’s food through the diet consultation?
Yes. The diet plan consultation lays down sample recipes tailor made for your pet which makes it very simple to make your pet’s food. Apart from this, we also enlist alternative ingredients that you may use to replace the ones in the sample recipe. The recipes also provide instructions to prepare and store your dog’s food. Once you have the diet consultation draft, you will have a clear understanding about preparing your pet’s meals at home.
Why should I get a diet plan consultation for my pet?
Food builds and sustains our pets. A complete, balanced diet is the basis to long, healthy and happy life of a pet.
What are the benefits of taking a diet plan consultation for my pet?
Many behavioural issues get rectified by simply giving balanced and complete nutrition to our pets. Pets fed properly have longer and healthier lives. Pets fed well are happier, show less anxiety. A good diet helps keep the pet healthy and therefore, helps reduce veterinary too bills .