When can a Zoom Consultation help me?
There are many issues with our pets that we may not be able to find solutions for. From dogs being being picky eaters to being epileptic, dietary intervention can help in a number of cases. You can learn about how to help your pet over a Zoom discussion with Geet Rao. To enumerate, some of the cases when you may seek nutritional advice for your pet are:
  • Epilepsy
  • Obesity
  • Picky Eater
  • Renal health problems
  • Compromised liver condition
  • Puppy Health
  • Lactating Dog
What is the duration of a Zoom Consultation?
The duration of Zoom consultation is 45 minutes.
How does the Zoom consultation work?
Zoom consultations are very simple to understand. To book a Zoom consultation, we will ask you to submit a brief description about your pet’s condition that you are seeking the zoom consultation for. Then you would be guided to book your zoom consultation slot. Once your slot is booked, we will send you a zoom link for the respective time slot selected by you and you can come face to face with Geet Rao on the selected slot!