One day we woke up to the horror of our beloved Mocha being detected with extremely high levels of sugar. Thankfully and god willing it was a temporary bout of diabetes although after doing several tests we learnt that his kidneys aren’t functioning the way they are supposed to. So there was an immediate need to make changes in his diet. For 10.5 years he has been eating home cooked food and has been in great shape always. It was disheartening for us to see that he won’t be able to eat this food and will be on a renal diet hereafter. That’s when we discovered Geet on Instagram and it’s been a blessing since then. With her vast knowledge and study about dog nutrition she suggested an apt home cooked diet for mocha. 4 months later mochas vitals are normal and he is happy once again to eat his beloved food. For us nothing in this world makes us happier than to watch mocha eat healthy and his most loved food. Heartfelt thanks to Geet for her expert advice!!

—- Amit

Pogo has been eating the calcium treats every morning. He gulps them down so I think it’s safe to say he likes them. Yet to try the joint support jelly but the calcium treats have got his approval. Thank you.

—- Vrinda

Geet has an incredible talent for detail and perfection. The diet plan she prescribed for my baby (who is too choosy and a bit of a diva when it comes to food) is so perfect.
Shadow has a sensitive stomach and Geet’s suggestions and diet plans have helped us feed him a safe and nutritional diet.
Even the cake she baked for his birthday was so pretty as well as tasty. Shadow and his friends went nuts over the cake!!
She is so helpful and readily guides us through any ailment that Shadow has. And the best part is that the products she offers are pure and without any chemicals so you don’t have to worry about your pupper’s health.
You just can not go wrong with Pet Kitchen!”

Highly recommended! —- Akriti

As a pet, Pixie has been an integral part of my life. All that she asks for is lots of love, companionship and of course …food ! She lives up to the reputation of a Labrador with an insatiable appetite.
Giving Pixie healthy and nutritious food has always been non negotiable. And while Pixie was happily gobbling down Marie biscuits which were her treats, I wasn’t very pleased with that.
I was always skeptical, fearful actually of buying commercial dog biscuits in varied colours (read artificial), made with low grade ingredients & with a high possibility of being contaminated.
Much to my relief along came Geet Rao’s Pet Kitchen. To say that I was delighted would be an understatement. Here was what every dog needed – Omega treats, Vitamin treats, Calcium treats,Immunity treats and even anti flea treats!
Nutritious, healthy,natural, home made and no colours, no preservatives. Did I mention human grade?
I was amazed to know about the ingredients that went into these treats, right from chia seeds to almond meal!
All the nutrients that one can possibly imagine were there in these treats and at a very affordable price.
What I also love about these treats is that Geet makes them in specific shapes! That is such a great idea especially when telling kids what shape of the treat to give they can give Pixie, their favorite is the heart shaped treat 😉
(Confession-I too go by the shapes to keep a check on which treat to give when)
It has been very reassuring to give Pixie these treats.
She has been enjoying & benefitting from the treats by Pet Kitchen for over a year.
Her birthday cake was from Pet Kitchen and she devoured it – a healthy , nutritious cake and with icing!

As a Pet nutritionist , Geet is forever innovating and creating goodies for pets which are healthy. I always look forward to what is next on the ‘menu’ !!

— Rachita

Geet has been one of the Canine Nutritionists who was part of the team responsible for designing the recipes for our home cooked pet food brand FurrMeals. She comes with sound knowledge and background of canine nutrition. Her inherent ability to understand the client’s specific requirements to design plans accordingly and her very professional approach towards her work sets her apart from some of the other nutritionists of her field.
We are glad to have Geet as a part of our design team and hope to continue this collaboration for all our future endeavours as well.

—- Sujata (Founder FurrMeals)

Thanks a lot Geet.
Buddy is mostly on a low fat low protein diet and is doing much better now.
So his pancreatitis was diagnosed 2 years back and that is when I started doing research on pet food and eventually started FurrMeals after getting in touch with you for the final recipes. Since the time Buddy is on FurrMeals he had shown tremendous improvement in his general health, energy levels, weight and overall happiness quotient. I avoid giving him any fat and also do not serve lamb to him… even panner is very limited although he loves paneer.
Fruits like papaya, watermelon are regular. However, I do give him cucumbers and carrots raw… egg is a part of the chicken recipe so he does get it but I avoid giving him boiled egg as snack.
He is also on regular pancreas supplement Festal… I have not tried Amla powder topped on food… I give him turmeric paste as the paste has coconut oil.
Overall he is going a lot better that what he was about two years back… all thanks to your basic FurrMeals recipes.

—- Sujata (Founder FurrMeals)

Geet is very knowledgeable in what she does. Not only did she recommend which treats would work best for my lab who has HD, but also recommended some really good exercises that can help my dog regain strength in her muscles. My baby girl loves her immunity treats, they are super crunchy and Skye(my baby girl) loves all the flavors, that consists of amla , haldi, ashwagandha and daal chini. All these herbs are helpful for joint support as per ayurved. Amla is rich in vit c which helps build collagen, turmeric and cinnamon which prevent inflammation and ashwagandha is a rejuvenating herb. Geet really takes the time to understand what the needs of the dog is to recommend the best!


I was always concerned about our Jaxr’s ( 4.5 years old JRT ) Diet & was in dilemma whether he was meeting all his nutrition needs to make him stay healthy, one day I was checking updates of vegan daily & I came across this interview of Geet Rao who is a Pet Nutritionist & also the Founder of Pet kitchen who touched base about Vegan/Veg Diet for Dogs.
I got in touch with her & she understood Jaxr’s present diet & what was missing in them
She charted out balanced nutrition plan for him including supplements to be taken which doesn’t cover in his food.
We were initially doubtful whether Jaxr will accept the change in his diet but we were in surprise that he actually started accepting it slowly but completely
Must say Geet has lot of passion in what she does & her immense love towards animals, she has been very approachable & helpful to our questions & never ending doubts.

—- Vikram

First, I would like to thank Geet. I came across pet kitchen in Instagram. I messaged Geet and she was kind enough to reply to me immediately. Even before a consultation, she agreed to have a talk to me. She has designed a diet according to my baby’s preference ( shitzu). Zoey has always been a very fussy eater. She just wouldn’t eat her fruits n vegetables. But Geet has given me great tips and it is working. She has thought me the importance of seeds, supplements and herbs. Nutrition plays a great role. Please pet parents, let food be medicine for your babies. It will definitely increase their life expectancy. Thank you so much Geet.. for teaching me so much.. even after the she has given me a diet chart, she never fails to reply any questions I have.
God bless you.

—- Ritu