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About Geet Rao

  • Geet Rao is a Clinical Pet Nutritionist, Dog Food Recipe Curator and a Pet Dietician. She has designed diet plans for dogs of various breeds over the years. She helps pet parents meet their pet’s nutrition while continuing with the ethos of their home. Whether your dog is fed raw food or vegetarian food, Geet Rao can help you find the right balance in your dog’s diet.
  • She has designed dog food for fresh dog food companies such as Furrmeals, Mom& Paw and Mars Kitchen.
  • Her doggie clientele is spread across the globe including India, Phillipines, Bahrain and USA.

About Zoom Consultation

When our pets are under the weather, we need to clarify doubts and ask questions about our pet’s wellbeing to an experienced professional. A lot of health as well as behavioural issues can be resolved through dietary modifications and/ or supplementation. Our Zoom Consultations bring you live with Geet Rao, an experienced pet nutritionist and a pet dietician. The consultation offers a sufficient time period of 45 minutes of discussion.

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